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1. Kohana
2. Dvi zori
3. Koroleva nochi
4. Ya hochu tebe
5. Podaruy
6. Tebe shukayu
7. Korabli
8. Ya bachu tebe
9. Golod


Чорні ворони
Ціна 25 грн

Year: 2014



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Hoydalky kohannya
Ціна 25 грн

Release year: 2014


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Price 25 грн

Release year: 2008

The idea of production, selection of songs of this album belongs to author and artist Volodymyr Verminskyy.

At the end of November 2006, the idea of band, which on March 1, 2007 was successfully presented on the main stage Ternopil concert program titled "Natali". This team is called "Aksent". It started after a successful debut studio work recording the album "Natali". This is the first album in which each party is recorded live without using of virtual instrument (computer) technology. As musicians say - in vivo! In general this album includes 20 songs. Several songs from previous album "Magic of spring", as well as new songs copyright by contemporary authors: Poet and singer - Anatoliy Fihluk Poet and singer - Anatoliy Zhytkevych Miroslav Vono and Olexiy Serdyuk

The presentation of album, "Natali" was held May 13, 2008 on the main stage of the Palace of Culture Berezil Ternopil. Concert was about 3 hours and all this time audience applause accompanied each of the songs. At the end of spectators at the request of BIS-sounding was song "Believe in love."

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Vidlunnya kryivky (Echo from the 'kryivka')
Price 25 грн
Vidlunnya kryivky (Echo from the 'kryivka') DVD
Price 30 грн

Release year: 2010

On October 7, 2008 Volodymyr Verminskyy with band "Aktsent" started a new project - "Vidlunnia kryivky".The initiator and author of the project which has most songs of the album, made songster Award Vasyl Stus Award Bogdan and Lions Lepky - Olexander Smyk. We hope that this album will not only interesting but also plays a significant role in development, the formation of patriotic spirit of our youth, their views are given the past, the UPA liberation struggle of our grandfathers and great grandfathers, immigration, war in Afghanistan, etc ... Overall CD-"Vidlunnia kryivky" - is a kind of tutorial in the past XX century, set out new musical vision for expansion and understanding of the wide range of our audience. The album went straight into the audio and video formats, CD & DVD. Work on CD recording and selection of songs was 1 year and lasted five months before the release.

March 11, 2010 CD & DVD "Vidlunnia kryivky" entered for the market. Publishing and printing took over production center "Grolis - Director of Yaroslav Hromadskiy. During his record changes occurred in contravention of the collective views of the rebel left thems. Band Sergiy Kalayda - percussion instruments and to replace him came Volodymyr Kostyk. In 2009, Volodymyr Verminskyy, Olexander Smyk and group "Aktsent" had the opportunity to meet at concerts and open squares with the grateful audience, which was frank and sincere. If you want the future to hear the new songs performed by Volodymyr Verminskiyy, support us and buy a license CD & DVD - "Vidlunnia kryivky", otherwise we can not exist only at the enthusiasm. Each song needs money to write it and other things associated with the release CD. We appreciate your understanding and respect. Be true patriots of their country! UKRAINE GLORY! GLORIOUS PEOPLE!

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The best
Price 25 грн

Release year: 2008

Album - "Collection" - special edition for the Ukrainian emigration of the best songs from the albums "Rural guerrillas went," "Rural guerrillas went 2" and the album "Fly". The idea of ​​creating belongs to Vladimir Verminsky.

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Kolyadky-2 (Christmas Carols)
Price 25 грн

Release year: 2008

The idea of ​​release of the album "Kolyadky-2 (Christmas Carols)" as a continuation of the previous album "Kolyadky", owned by director studio lottery "HroLis" Yaroslav Hromadskyy.

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Chary vesny (Magic of spring)
Price 25 грн

Release year: 2005

Selection of the repertoire of songs and the idea of 70-80s years owned by the Director of the "Reunion", producer Sergey Bachynskyy. Ternopil.

The album includes the best songs of last century. The vast majority of hits known authors and artists. Sung songs as their native language and the language of neighboring states: Hungarian, Moldavian, Russian. This album was preparing for a tour just in those countries.

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Ishly selom partizany - 2 (Rural guerrillas went)
Price 25 грн

Release year: 2005

The album released on the request of numerous fans with songs UPA.

The album includes both shooting and Cossack songs. Arrange more modern than the previous.

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Ne vidlitai
Price 25 грн

Release year: 2003

The album "Ne vidlitai" was presented on May 27, 2003 on the stage of Ternopil Palace of Culture Kurbas. This CD and it's program were presented in America from California to Florida in the autumn of that year. More than in dozen U.S. cities, Ukrainian diaspora met with warm applause this songs, which are reminiscent of their native land. The album included several popular songs of XX century, original song and video clip as a gift to one of special song with the title "Ptaha". This song is the hallmark of the musician who brought many victories in various competitions and festivals, including the U.S.

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Kolyadky (Christmas Carols)
Price 25 грн

Release year: 2001

By Ranking: the best position since 2001 and today.

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