Volodymyr Verminskyy was born in a family where the song always sounded. As a child he often heard her from his mother and father. His grandfather was a talented artist and conductor. In this atmosphere of increased future musician, singer and composer. After school of accordion, he created the amateur VIA, in which he 10 years played and sang in school, in clubs, took part in a concert etc...

After returning from the Soviet Army he studied at the Ternopil music college class choral conducting, and later - in Kharkiv Institute of Arts. While studying he worked as a soloist-singer chorus opera studio, hospital and church choirs. After graduation he worked as conductor, choirmaster amateur horu. During this time of his learning, it does not abandon the idea to realize itself in the pop genre.

One day he decides to change the direction of its activities and the majority of artists working in a private restaurant. First, not easily given repertoire and performance style changed with the classics on stage, and then everything is in place.

Seven years in the restaurant are not avail. Volodymyr weighed on a serious step, no job, he decides to go another way. It's dark showbiz, which reach to the top of the unit.
The first festival artist - Boromlya-99, where he brought his victory - the first prize for a song Zhytkevycha Anatoly and Oleg Mayovskoho "Bird" and his own song "Summer is winter".

With the song "Bird" he wins prizes at many festivals and competitions. This song on the wings took him into a far country of dreams, a country the U.S. show business, the execution of a World Championship with the spectacular Art in Hollywood gets a gold medal, but for a song "brown eyes Black eyebrows" - a bronze medal.

After returning from the U.S. in 2004 creates VIA "STEP", which recorded several songs in the studio, the album included "Magic of spring".
This song: "Yellow sheet" of Ivasyuk Gromtseva V.;
               "Red Ruta" V. Ivasyuka;
               "For Ukraine sweet "unknown author. 

Unfortunately, this team did not existed at the lack of understanding by the then local government.

As for the album, the whole works of the singer in their now ten.
Volodymyr Verminskyy is not only an author and performer, he is an excellent organizer and generator of creative ideas, patriot of his homeland.
Ukrainian diaspora around the world on different continents knows and appreciates his talent, creativity, commitment by the Ukrainian Insurgent songs.

Basically, he is known album with the rebel subjects. This albums: "Rural guerrillas went" and "Rural guerrillas went-2" and the famous album "Carols".

He is always in search because, perhaps, and interesting in his work.

After an unsuccessful attempt VIA "Step," his opinion not to leave a professional team, who owned to the high level of skill. So in late November 2006 the band was born, which was named "Aktsent". For Volodymyr Verminskyy it was a breakthrough while contrasting the live performance with back vocal. The program, which he, together with a group "Aktsent" presented March 1, 2007 on the main stage in Ternopil PC Berezil, was successful. Such advertising, stage design, light and lively sound from the Ternopil their artists did not expect. It was a real holiday songs and creative personality. The concert was so successful that the 15 May this year at the request of fans held another concert in the Drama Theatre Ternopil, and again sold out.

And then a year of work studio band "Aktsent" on the album "NATALI" which was published and was presented on the main stage of May 13, 2008. From June 28 to July 6, 2008 Volodymyr Verminskyy gave their songs, their talent to the Ukrainian community in Toronto at the annual festival "Golden Maple", where he was invited by the League of Ukrainian Canadian Women and credit union "Future".