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Entertaiment programm - includes best hits of 70-80th years, songs of popular Ukrainian authors, restaurant and folk songs. We included songs of next albums: "Natali" та "Chary vesny (Magic of spring)", and songs from new album: "Yarmarok", "Khutirets", "Mama", "Beautiful life". This concert plays from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

View video: Natali, Oi, u poli ruta, ruta

Natali Chary vesny (Magic of spring)

Patriot programm - intended for various national holidays and celebrations. It's consisits of songs that are included in the albums: "Ishly selom partizany (Rural guerrillas went)", "Ishly selom partizany - 2 (Rural guerrillas went)" та "Vidlunnya kryivky (Echo from the "kryivka")". Time of program: 30 minutes to 2 hours.

View video: Faika, Za Vkrainu mylu
Ishly selom partizany (Rural guerrillas went) Ishly selom partizany (Rural guerrillas went) - 2 Vidlunnya kryivky (Echo from the
3. New Year's programm - includes the album "Kolyadky" and plays for 1 hour. Kolyadky Kolyadky-2

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All programms can be corrected relatively format or holiday wishes of the organizers.

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